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My desire in writing this book is to illustrate connections and or similarities between individuals lives and dreams. To show that even in turmoil or times of hurt and heartache, we grow, hope, love, create meaning and aspire to dream and yearn in ways that are the comparable to one another.

    • Poetry

      A group of lines that share an idea, with stanzas that are separated by an empty line. Similar to paragraphs in prose.


      A basic paragraph that shares an idea about a topic, each one identifying the idea and explaining with evidence. With a focus on content and structure.


      Example: "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

An Infinite Web of Poetry and Prose

It is my desire to connect common experiences of hope and heartache with encouraging words and rhyme. Sustaining moments in time, celebrating both failure and success as lessons of love and loss, we are interwoven, collectively we exist...as An Infinite Web.

Poetry Tips

After reading this book, you will know how to easily solve the most complex life problems.

Real Life Examples

Every section showed in this book is explained through examples from the lives of real people.

Potential Bestseller

The first edition of this book could be sold in more than 10 million copies and continue to grow.

A Few Words About the Author

I’m an introspective extrovert continually learning how to live a balanced and meaningful life. I see myself climbing up through issues of pain and pleasure, joy and agony, adjusting to conditions of change and unpredictable circumstances.

I have spent the last few decades as a teacher, a mother, a wife, a lover of art and humanity, a peer counselor and currently work as a therapist in community mental health (WA state). I support adult individuals with severe and persistent mental health challenges with evidenced-based therapeutic interventions and run a weekly Advanced Writing Group for the clients I serve.

Greer Sommer Currison


An intention of mine is to connect a common link, even a simple thread or a feeling of understanding, an emphatic moment or at least or an appreciation for an idea that may not seem comfortable or familiar. To notice that we are more alike than dissimilar, is a destiny I hope to have you consider.

Life's Struggles

This life is short except seemingly when we are struggling. It is my desire to be understood by my children, my family and my loved ones. I did not experience this from my parents or grandparents... only in small sparks or edited stories that were offered. Instead, I detected, collected and investigated facts and intense experiences. From my exploring, snooping and or digging around, I finally found the last puzzle piece of my life and ended up in rehab at the age of thirty eight.

From that time, and with my last puzzle piece completing the composition of the mysteries in my upbringing... I have been working on putting my shovel down. I am learning to listen to the signals in my body, to increase good behaviors and slowly decrease bad behaviors. This is where I got it, in rehab... I discovered I was no better than the junkies and the prostitutes that circled up in the same room as me despite my education, my upbringing or my cognitive distortions. This was a place I started to listen to signals in my body and brain and began to save my own life. I will discuss more of this in my second book, Climbing Up... diagnosis, deconstruction and toward divinity.

Sacred Moments

An Infinite Web reminds me of the beauty and the magnificence of nature, of connection and disconnection, divorce, love, pain and secrets like a new best friend reluctant to share. I’m practicing momentum of appreciating moments in time, cherished, evidenced moments allowed to go from my brain to a heavy toothed piece of paper. Sandy McElliott a friend and a manager at Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare, told me that there is evidence suggesting that using your hand to write vs using a computer is more valuable for therapeutic healing. The act of putting ink to a blank canvas. Controlling the squeezing of a pen, the action of a flowy ink pen and/or the intensity of physically connecting to your content is more beneficial then simply using a word processor to construct content. Today like most times in the past, I write on paper first. It feels more authentic for me that way which is why I will publish and or print this book on paper first. With that, I hope you dog ear your favorite poem, underline a sentence or put a star in a spot you wish to further investigate. This is how I devour my books and the content that I absorb and connect with.

So, with silent kicks and screams of vulnerability and courageous whispers and warm welcomes... I present to you, An Infinite Web. It is my walk for the past few decades to places of extraordinary depth and smiles of simplicity and stillness. Our time is brief but meant something to me, our minutes, our truth, our magnitude of an 8.0 or our fizzle out, I want you to know that you are special, meant to shine and thank you for participating in my first collection of poetry and prose. I hope you find some of your own special moments or secrets in my travels. Be Blessed and Bon Voyage.

Table of Contents
  1. Be Still
  2. Girl House
  3. Naranja Lakes
  4. Write
  5. Woman in Black
  6. Grandma’s Room
  7. Great Big Tongue Slide
  8. Broken Mother
  9. Those Three Words
  10. The Crow and a Back Alley
  11. Memories of Jenny
  12. The Dissolution
  13. Diagonal in my Sleep
  14. Inauguration Day
  15. White of Winter
  16. Yom Kippur
  17. Saul Williams and a Saturday Night
  18. The Break-up
  19. Secret Snake Eyes
  20. Bridezilla
  21. Breathing Forest
  22. Blood Seeped Borders
  23. Brookdale Senior Living
  24. Art of Noise
  25. Kiss Off
  26. Memories of Jenny
  27. A Likeness
  28. Broke Single Momma
  29. Diagonal in my Bed
  30. Lip to Ledge
  31. May 23rd & my Goldfish
  32. Motherhood Fills Me
  33. A Dream
  34. Expectation Does Not Equal Reality
  35. Glass
  36. Happy Birthday Mychele
  37. Any Minute Now

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Thought provoking content that is easily relatable on many levels. There are many examples of real life situations that come to mind reading through the delightful passages within.

Michael Freeman

Reading through the first pages of the book gave me inspiration worthy of a best seller. There is no way you will put this book down, once you've picked it up. It was absolutely a good read in every way.

Camala Haddon

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    An Infinite Web

    This book is about a walk through some twenty odd years of hope and heart ache, laughs, loss, beauty, joy and wonder. Where life is thick and heavy, whimsy and weightlessly wonderful... where time stood still, and connections clicked where I try to find meaning in still moments.

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